Where can we find the real Princess Diana? In this special edition of the Royal Central podcast, author Deb Stratas shares her fresh perspective on one of the most famous royals of modern times.

Diana, Princess of Wales continues to fascinate, over 20 years on from her death. In her new book, Deb traces Diana's story through the homes she lived in over her 36 years. From the Norfolk estate where she spent her earliest days to the royal splendour of Kensington Palace, Deb has walked in the princess' footsteps to discover the real Diana.

Deb talks to Brittani Barger, Moniek Bloks and Lydia Starbuck about Diana and her continuing legacy. And she passes on her top tips if you want to find out more about a princess whose legacy endures.

Photo credit: By John MacIntyre - Paisley Scotland, CC BY 2.0, Wiki Commons

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